Vettese Side Bag – PRE-ORDER


This bag came about after my good friend Luca and I went on the Giro di TRiCKETT last year. Luca is comfortably one of the nicest and kindest people that I have ever met, however his ability to lose keys and spending money really is what sets him apart. So after we got home, I decided to design him a bag so that he would never lose anything again!

Luca can tell the tale below in the attached video, but rest assured someone had a nice pre-Christmas bonus when he left his spending money in the changing rooms of the Stone Island shop in Rome.

The bag itself is designed to be worn over one shoulder, giving you easy access to it on your hip / side. The bag has one main compartment which is 4.5 litres. Meaning that you can get any number of items in it, I have had my big camera, laptop charger, sandwiches and other bits in there, with room for more. Inside the main compartment is a zipped pouch for your valuables, and a key fob to keep your hotel / house keys all in one place.

There are compression straps at the side of the bag so that it can take up less space and the main shoulder straps are completely adjustable. The bag comes made from 1000 denier nylon meaning that it can take a real bashing and has the TRiCKETT mountain logo to the front.

We have had people say how good these are for their bike rides, daily shopping trips, nights out and more. However, all we are bother about is Luca never losing his keys or spending money again. Made in the UK by the last remaining technical bag manufacturer in the country.

PRE-ORDER INFO: The manufacturer of these can squeeze in a limited number of these and the bags next week. The pre-order for these ends on 31st May April at 23:59. This will be the last time for ages to get hold of one, so move quick! We will aim to get these sent out the week starting 15th June.

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