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TRiCKsuit Top


Relaxation comes in many forms, for me it is watching extremely niche documentaries about American football, whilst drinking a jar of Nutella… for you… it may be different. What we all need is something to relax in and that is why we made our TRiCKsuits.

The TRiCKsuit top is made from a reassuringly heft fleece, not so heavy that you won’t be able to rise from your seat after a particularly deep snooze or be unable to sit comfortably in your armchair of choice. Just right I’d say.

The fleece itself is brushed for extra snugness and comes in a really nice, marled navy blue, with darker navy flecks throughout, you’d have to see it to believe it! A ribbed nice hugs your neck, but without feeling strangled and finished with a hand screened TRiCKETT 2019 logo to the front, people will be in no doubt as to your outfitter of choice.

If you would like to buy this sweatshirt or any of our other sweats with a pair of our TRiCKsuit trousers for £75, just use the code SUITUP. Then you can really relax.


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