I love a nice cap me. I also really like Cairn Terriers. So it made sense to combine these two things into one thing. So here are our TRiCKETT Terriers caps, an imaginary baseball team that would probably be the best outfitted team in the history of the game.

The hats are made from a beautiful navy blue melton wool that keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. How it does this is well above my pay grade, but all I know is that it is magic. The hat has an adjustable clasp closure at the back, so even the biggest and smallest of craniums can enjoy a good covering.

Each hat is then finished with ventilation holes and our mascot on the front, which is embroidered in Accrington no less.

If you fancy one or more or our hats, you can get 2 for £32, no need for codes or anything, our super swish website will sort you right out.

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