Earlier this week, that ball of light in the sky that we call the sun actually shone on me for longer than 4 seconds and as a result, I declared that Spring was here. If you are unaware of baseballing traditions the first few days of Spring are when most teams start their Spring Training programs so seeing we have always wanted to be a pro ball team, let’s pretend by making hats.

Ours are manufactured with the British climate in mind, water resistant. These lovely things are made made a lovely nylon that us breathable and can survive a bit of a downpour. If you are lucky to live in a more sunny climate the fabric itself is super light and resists those pesky UV rays. An adjustable strap at the back, eyelets at the top of the cap and finished with a TRiCKETT Terriers logo. I mean what more could you ask for?

If you fancy one or more or our hats, you can get 2 for £32, no need for codes or anything, our super swish website will sort you right out.

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