Here at TRiCKETT we have a tradition of giving you everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee in the morning. Be that sourcing highly prized Neapolitan coffee, find the best cups and saucers OR as in this case, sorting you out with a best in class espresso maker. We have made our own pots before, they were good, in fact they were really good… but we needed to have a rethink about how they were manufactured.

Our new pots are made from entirely recycled materials. The metals come from recycled drinks cans and old coffee tins. The plastic comes from recycled plant pots (as Black plastic is super hard to recycle, I’m  happy we managed to sort this!!!) and the logo is laser engraved. The whole process uses no water and gives a new shape to one of our favourite products.

They are made in Italy to the very highest of standards and if nothing else look super great. If you don’t know how to use a moka pot or this is your first exploration into coffee have a look below at this helpful video.

This is a 3.5 cup coffee maker, we may make bigger ones, but you need to let us know!


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