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We all want to be a bit more action-packed and many of us wish that we had some decent war stories, other than the time you got a pair of trainers stuck down the back of the wardrobe. So we thought, what would make us extra edgy? Then we saw an old photo of DMX and thought, of course… dog tags.

These tags are made in the USA, by one of the last official US military dog tag manufacturers, using the machinery that has been utilised for decades. Now it wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t give the humble tag an update so here we are.

The tags themselves are made from a stainless steel, as is the ball chain that the metal identifiers are attached to. The metal is then covered in a camouflage silencer so that you tags don’t clink and clang together. No-one needs alerting when you are creeping up to the discounted bread aisle in the supermarket. Those bargain tiffins didn’t stand a chance.

The first tag has TRICKETT, ACCRINGTON, ENGLAND on it and the medical tag has “If unresponsive, supply with tea” sound advice for all of us. The bit where the ball snaps into even has USA engraved on it, isn’t that cute? Even without the tags, we think they make a lovely necklace and you can use the dogtags on your keys.

So go and dive in… soldier!

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