TRiCKETT Card Wallet



I am bit like the Queen in that I very rarely have cash on me. I only carry notes when I know that I am going to the pub or the chippy, so with that said, all I ever really need is space for my cards. I admire all those people that have those massive wallets with stuff jam packed into them, but truthfully that just isn’t TRiCKETT style. I wanted something that was small enough to go in your back pocket or inside jacket pocket, but big enough so that I remember that it is there.

So with that we went to mater of leather Matt to see what he could come up with and here we are. Our wallets have space for 4 cards (two on the front and two on the inside), more if you want to stuff them in, but really, life is all about travelling light.

Navy English Bridle Leather – This is the leather we use for everything. Robust, great colour and just never seems to ever get battered. A perfect leather for a wallet.

With the big day just around the corner these make a great gift, but equally are great for someone trying to slim down their wallet. I did it a few years ago and I can honestly say I haven’t missed anything and I even have a San Gennaro prayer card on me at all times.