Our boxers have been in the works for quite some time and finally we have some here for you to enjoy. This all started many moons ago when my Grandma said “You spend all this money in your clothes, but I bet you’ve got holes in your underpants.”

And this got me to thinking that really, if you are to dress you best you need to start off well. So here are our boxers. We wanted them made by the best in the world and that so happens to be Portugal. Some of the biggest names in underwear make their kecks in this factory, so we thought we should make them in the same factory, but not charge the same whopping £50 a pair.

The boxers are made from a custom cotton and elastane which give just enough support and breathability. All the stitching is flat to the body so no rubbing and chafing in unfortunate places and the back even has three panel so that your undies are nice and flat against your bum. We made the legs a little longer to reduce chafing for those of us with more heroic thighs and an easy access hole… for easy access. No buttons here!!! The boxers are then finished with TRiCKETT elastic that finishes at the side of the boxers rather than at the back so that when you bend down, to show off your underpants, onlookers will see TRiCKETT and not TRETT or TTT or whatever. See, we think of everything. The boxers come in a trunk style that should be worn tighter to the skin, but not like cutting off the circulation, just nice.

Again as Grandma said “You buy all these shirts and jackets to show off to people you don’t know, when the only people that matter will see your underpants.” so maybe it is time to throw those old ones in the bin and get something proper for a change. A treat that only you know about, but what a treat it is!

If you want three pairs (of course you do), add three pairs to your basket and use the code 3PACKFORME and the discount will come off, if you don’t, it won’t

RETURNS: There are no returns on underwear, I don’t care what excuse you come up with, there are no returns or exchanges on undies, because you know hygiene and stuff.


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