TRiCKETT 6 Cup Moka Pot


Now then. I know. How good is this?

Over the last few months we have had a few people ask us how is best to make coffee and we see it as two ways, the first is using an espresso machine and the second is doing like most Italians do in their homes and that is by using a Moka Pot. So we thought that is we are going to make one, we should make a proper hum dinger.

Our pots are made for us in Italy using a stainless steel that is coated in Tefl0n. Being coated means that it insulated the coffee in the pot better, it is easier to clean and makes it look like something that Darth Vader would use to make his morning brew in. Add in a recycled plastic handle and knob (grow up) at the top and you have the perfect Moka Pot.

This pot makes 6 cups of espresso or 4 big espressos if you are like me. The pots come with instructions on how to make the perfect espresso, but there is a video below and you can hop to our Instagram highlights to find out more too.. So now you can  make coffee like a pro and look like an evil genius too.

Made in Italy. Suitable for gas and standard electic hobs like the originals. Not induction

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