Weren’t those boots with the chunky three stripes down the side amazing? It seemed that in 1998 the world of design really knew what it was doing and created one of the most iconic pieces of sports equipment in history. All the important players were wearing these boots and I remember pestering my dad to get me a pair in Benidorm… weird that…

These socks are made for us by Marina in Italy. They come in three colours after the player that made each pair famous. Alessandro del Piero in his white boots, Fredi Bobić with the red (please tell me if there was a more consistent player to wear red predators, I would love to know) and the man who make the black with the white stripes the most iconic boots for a generation.

Although I can be a victim of advertising, I wanted to make it very clear in a Virgil Abloh kind of way that these socks, don’t have rubber bits on them to make your shots more difficult for the ‘keeper to deal with. That is why there is ‘These socks will not make your shots swerve and bend’, just in case you were in any doubt. The logo is on the outside of each leg and every pair has been inspected by Marina’s mum at the factory, that is why there is a pink thread in each toe. It is like her signature to say that these are OK for your trotters.

If you would like all three pairs of these socks, we even offer a discount for them all, that is just how much we want you to wear non-stop TRiCKATOR socks.

Made in Italy, UK 6.5-12


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