Tourie Hats



Our Tourie hats are a great thing to keep your noggin warm and stylish during the cooler months, probably because they look ace and they were inspired by my recent trip to northern Scotland. The yarns for these hats come from a fantastic mill in Aberdeen and perfectly sum up the places I saw whilst on my trip. They are made in the UK by Stuart and his team and come in a 2×2 rib with a pom pom on top. They are available in the following 4 colours.

Lossiemouth – I arrived in Lossiemouth in what must have been one of the nicest days ever in Scotland, it was warm, the ice-cream was flowing and the sea was as blue and calm as the Caribbean. This wonderful blue colour pays tribute to that and a great ice-cream.

Granite Sky Grey – Aberdeen is a pretty grey place. From it’s architecture, stone and sky, but within that grey there is something beautiful. This hat pays homage to the granite city and the great colour of grey you see everywhere.

Whisky – Speyside is a famous region for whisky and is home to some my favourites (Tamdhu and Benromach if any of you are looking for Christmas gifts for me). The colour of whisky is one of my favourite things about it and this has all the colours of my favourites in there.

Fern – The green landscape is what makes Scotland so beautiful and this yarn encapsulates all those great greens. It is also named after my favourite TRiCKETT employee… don’t tell Mabel.

Lots of lovely colours to pick from, so to make it easier, you can get 2 hats for £40. So whether that means you buy one for you, one for a gift and never end up giving it, that is fine, we won’t tell anyone.

Also, after we did our survey, we discovered that some people want a bobble-less hat, so we got Mabel to get out her scissors and offer or de-bobbling service. Just click here and add it to your basket, then we will do the rest! And what is more exciting is that for every hat we de-bobble, the £2 charged will go directly to the Dog’s Trust.

So what else do you need? Cover that cranium in class today.