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Tim Mee – Bucket of Soliders

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Ever since I first saw these soldiers on Toy Story I was a bit obsessed. There are copies of these all over the place, you can get them in the pound shop and newsagents everywhere, but nothing quite beats the original American made ones.

They have a certain glossiness to them that only the Union made ones have. This set is an absolute American staple, the Bucket of Soldiers. It comes with 25 sand and 25 green soldiers in various poses, a mountain, two planes and a tank. What makes it even better is that they come with stickers and flag poles, so you can have a right good game of capture the flag, no matter your age.

We like having these all over the house, like we are in Toy Story, make sure to really freak people out and have them in your plant pots!

Made in America.

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