Tartan Notebooks


When we first got these in, they were slated to be called the “I’m part Scottish don’t you know, that’s why I spell Iain with the extra i” notepad, but alas you can only fit so much in a title on this website, so you will have to make do with the Tartan Notebook name.

Anyways, with more and more of us spending time at home working we can’t just nudge a colleague and say ‘What did I miss?’ you have to take a little bit of responsibility. So with that, you should get a notebook like this, make notes, look like the lovely person you are and repeat. We got in touch with our mates in Scotland and asked them to make us a lovely notebook and here we are.

Each book comes with a full tartan backing, book mark, elastic holder and (my favourite part) a pocket on the inside back cover for business cards, pieces of paper or really flat snacks. Finished off with the TRiCKETT logo, this is a proper piece of swish to have on your desk.

Available in MacRae, Cameron and Blackwatch tartans. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you’re not allowed to officially wear this.

190 pages. Left side blank, right side ruled. Trimmed page size: 21 × 13 cm.


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