Socks With Attitude – Black/Grey


If you don’t know, here at TRiCKETT we are partial to a bit of West Coast hip-hop and Eazy-E is without doubt one of the more colourful characters from the west. Sure we could’ve chosen anything that go with to represent our love for the gheri-curled hero, but we always liked the ‘Charlie Brown’ polo shirts that he wore, so here are our Socks with attitude.

The socks are ribbed and made from black and grey cotton, this is a new style for us, which Marina (who makes our socks in Italy) took in her stride. The are ribbed through the leg and forefoot, with a plain knit to the bottom and finished with a red N.W.A style TRiCKETT at the toe.

So whether you like the greatest hip-hop group ever to come from the West Coast, or you just like striped socks, get involved.

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