Socks Sospeso


In Napoli, a Caffè sospeso or suspended coffee is the idea of buying two coffees and only drinking one. The extra coffee that you paid for can then be drunk by someone less fortunate than yourself. Caffè sospeso is generally done when you have had a bit of good luck, have some spare change or just want to give a bit of anonymous charity.

So with that said, we have decided to start Socks Sospeso. What this means is that you can buy a pair of socks that we will then give to a local homeless charity. This means you can give some socks to someone who needs a pair. These will be given at random from our archive and ensure someone has warmer feet than they have right now.

There is no charge for postage, but if you have a local charity that you would prefer us to send the socks to, let us know.

To clarify, YOU WILL NOT GET ANY SOCKS. Any socks bought here will go to charity and help people in need of a new pair of socks. Whether you buy 1 or 100 pairs we will make sure charity gets a pair to help those who need them.

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