Shaka Wear Jeans


I have been banging on about Shaka Wear’s jeans for ages. They are that effortlessly cool shape that all the cool people in LA wear, hut you can never seem to get hold of them on these shores. These kecks are based on the ‘red liner’ pants that were standard issue at Los Angeles county prison. They are rugged and even have the run and fell inside leg, which means that they have two rows of stitching on the inside leg for extra durability… and it looks nicer. Some jeans cost over £200 don’t have this. The jeans are tapered as inmates were given laceless pumps as opposed to boots as the climate allowed it. How about that for a history lesson eh?

The jeans are made from a 13oz denim that is manufactured in the USA. It is a raw denim, so these are untreated meaning that if you sit on a cream sofa there will be some colour transfer. You have been warned. Raw denim is great because it shapes to you and your body, all those creases on your jeans will be bespoke to you. None of this pre-washed stuff looking like an early ’00s football player (Von Dutch hat not included).

The fit itself is loose through the thigh and coming to a pretty sharp taper. As you can see from the photos. For reference, James is wearing a 38″ waist and is 6′ 2″. They look good with trainers and more formal shoes. You’ll be looking like James Dean in no time… especially if you wear one of our super heavyweight t-shirts (shamesless plug, click here)

So £35 to look like a mixture of Snoop Dogg and James Dean? I’d take that.

PLEASE DON’T WASH THESE IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! We recommend wearing them for as long as you can and then hand wash them cool, using a light detergent and drip dry.


Size Guide

 32" Waist34" Waist36" Waist38" Waist
Actual Waist33"35"37"38"
Front Rise12"12"12"13"
Back Rise15"15.5"16"17"
Across Thigh10.5"11"11.5"12"
Leg Opening7.5"7.5"8"8"

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