Reyt Big Logo Scarf


Our Reyt Big Logo scarves are a new addition to the TRiCKETT winter warmer arsenal and I think they are a welcome addition. We have done scarves in the past, but this one I am super proud of. I have always been a huge fan of football scarves in all of their formats, but I was never mad keen on how they tended to be acrylic and always really small.

You know me, I am all about looking like an Italian football manager and that means having a bigger scarf. This one is a whopping 170cm x 20cm and means you can wear it looped through, knotted or nonchalantly thrown over your shoulder like a 1920s academic. The design itself is fairly simple, navy blue with grey tassels and a HUGE TRiCKETT logo through the middle. Like all good scarves, this one is made from British wool and has the logo to the front and a cool pattern to the back. Warm necks all around.

Also, if you would like this and one of our new wool hats for £60, chuck this and your hat in your basket and let the website do the rest!

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