Pocket T-Shirts



When summer comes around, all any of us can ask for is a great t-shirt. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, but something that we can just throw on and know that it will keep us cool and make us look good no matter where we are. We are now in our third year of producing our pocket t-shirts and their cult following just seems to get greater and greater.

Each t-shirt is made from our custom-made jersey which is breathable, soft and holds the colour really well. The neck is slightly higher than normal tops, the sleeves slightly more fitted and the body length a little longer. We find these components added together make the perfect t-shirt. Each is finished with a pocket and TRiCKETT logo label in the side of it. This year we have gone bigger than ever before introducing 5 colourways into the mix:

Mushy Peas – I love mushy peas. I see them as a bit of a British institution and as weird as it sounds, the colour makes them taste better. I have always been a keen enthusiast of wearing what you eat, so I did a bit of a search and couldn’t find a pea inspired t-shirt. In true TRiCKETT style I decided to make my own and here is the end result. Dyed to our custom specification.

House Red – This is a default for most of us when at a restaurant and this t-shirt is exactly that. Burgundy seems to be a colour that everyone can get on with and looks good on people of all shapes and sizes.

Light Blackpool Sea – It’s our most used colour and with good reason. It’s not as harsh as black and much easier to wear too. We like it because it goes with everything and offers a nice bit of colour when you may not want to be too colourful. This particular shade is light Blackpool Sea meaning that it is a touch paler than our usual deep navy, but if anything we find it easier to wear, especially with the sun coming out soon.

Half-time Orange – Orange seems to be my go-to colour at the moment, bright enough so that I feel as if I am wearing a bit of colour, but not so bright as I feel like a traffic cone. This shade is extremely wearable and goes with everything rom jeans to shorts and whatever else.

And if you like stocking up, you can get 3 t-shirts for just £60. That way you will have your summer wardrobe sorted. Don’t dilly dally, these won’t last ages.

Size Guide

Pit to pit19"20.5"22.5"24"25.5"
Length (From Back Of Neck)27"27.5"29"29.5"30"
Across Stomach18.5"20"21.5"23.5"25"