Piesley Tea Towel


Bandanas have infatuated me for as long as I have liked West Coast hip-hop which is a pretty long time. There is also a wonderful story about how I wore a red bandana tied at the front, like Tupac, on Christmas Eve to go Christmas food shopping at Accrington ASDA, but we will save that for another time.

Our Piesley teatowels play on the notion of what a very American item (a bandana) should be by shoving some very northern things on there. Football, pints, fish and chips, flat caps, darts and more besides. I mean, just look at it, it’s a proper work of art!!! Not all of us want to wear a bandana, so we decided that we should make something we all can use when drying dishes.

These are made in Accrington from cotton drill that gets softer the more that you use it and wash it. They are ideal for using in the kitchen or even framing like a pal of mine has done, which is pretty crazy… but to be fair they do look ace.

A proper piece of TRiCKETT here, John at the factory even put a lovely ‘Made in Lancashire’ label in there too, just to be sure you knew where they were made. So don’t delay, get yourself one of these and dream of the open road of America whilst drying your dishes.

50cm x 50cm, made in the UK, 100% cotton.

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