Patchwork Socks


Before I even had a clue about fabric and manufacture my dad travelled across the UK selling fabrics for people to make dresses, crafts and patchwork quilts.

I got to learn about the factories, the businesses that sold the fabric and the people who made with the materials. I have many happy memories of packing up the van and travelling to tiny village halls selling fabric with him.

My dad is now head of packing and logistics at TRiCKETT, he is my harshest critic, one of the most knowledgable people I know, possesses one of the most rounded music tastes in the world, is the reason I care about football shirts and, probably most important of all, is my best friend.

It’s a joy to know him, to be his son and to get to see him every day. Don’t tell him I said any of that though, I need to keep the illusion up that he’s a bit of an inconvenience.

The socks are made in Italy by Marina and her family from wool and once every pair passes Marina’s mum’s rigorous tests, they are sewn at the toe in pink thread. The socks are a mixtures of blue and grey squares, creating a patchwork effect.

UK 7-12.

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