Passalacqua Cremador – 250g Tin


At TRiCKETT HQ we take coffee very seriously, every brew should be proper special so we decided to work with the very best, Passalacqua, straight out of the centre of Napoli. They make loads of different variations and we stock our 3 favourites.

Cremador is a genuine all rounder, low acidity, smells great, super sweet and if you like your coffee with milk works really well with that. The coffee also produces an excellent crema (the caramel coloured foamy head on top of the espresso), so if you like paint self portraits in your coffee, this is good for you.

This coffee is ground for espresso, so works best using an espresso machine or Moka Pot (we make them, take a look see here). There is nothing better than sitting back and thinking of the bay of Naples, sharp suits and the shadow of Vesuvius hugging you, only to realise that you’re in Accrington and you’ve lost your door keys.

If the coffee wasn’t good enough, it also comes in a great recyclable can. You could recycle it responsibly, but seeing as the packaging is so good, we have seen people use them as desk tidies, planters for cacti, flour stores and more.

We are the only shop in the UK to sell this coffee, so you’ll be able to show off when people come around to your house that you have a SUPER exclsuive coffee. Cheerio instant coffee! Try this, you won’t regret it. Made in Italy. 250g.

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