Passalacqua Alambra – 250g Brick


At TRiCKETT HQ we take coffee very seriously, every brew should be proper special so we decided to work with the very best, Passalacqua, straight out of the centre of Napoli. They make loads of different variations and we stock our 4 favourites.

Alamabra is a new blend for us and is a solid entry for those who don’t drink coffee yet. It gives a full taste of coffee (gusto pieno), but without the smack in the face that usual Italian coffee gives you. full-bodied and just the right amount of sweetness, you don’t be going back to gold blend any time soon!

We are the only shop in the UK to sell this coffee, so you’ll be able to show off when people come around to your house that you have a SUPER exclusive coffee. Cheerio instant coffee! Try this, you won’t regret it. Made in Italy. 250g.

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