Parole Ispiratrici Socks


It seems that your socks giving you some inspiration when you look down at them would be a great idea… so we decided to make some… but in Italian. Our Parole Ispiratrici Socks are designed to keep your feet toasty, comfortable and for you to practice your Italian. The socks come in three colours with three different inspirational phrases on them.

Grey with navy text – Eat well, laugh often, love lots. I can get on board with that, especially seeing as the first step to a happy life is eating well.

Navy with white text – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This was first said by Leonardo da Vinci and he certainly knew about designing nice things. That’s why we gave him a sock

White with navy text – When you win, you’re everyones. When you lose, you’re only mine. I heard this for the first time when I saw Napoli play in December and it really stuck with me. For me it’s the idea that we should celebrate our victories together and take ownership of our losses. That’s how I try to run TRiCKETT and my life more generally.

The socks themselves are mid calf length, have a really nice, cushioned sole and a snug, elasticated leg with the TRiCKETT logo on both sides which was hand-drawn by Marina no less. On the subject of Marina, the socks are made in Italy by her family in Brescia, the home of Italian socks.

Just to make things extra exciting, one pair is £9.99 or you can have 3 pairs for £25. Just pop them in your basket and let the website do the rest. You can mix and match your colours too, we won’t stop your creativity.

UK 6-12.


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