Neapolitan Tuxedo – Bottoms



The Neapolitan tuxedo pays homage to all the cool people in Napoli who wear all black, regardless of the weather and also has a knowing nod to that pretty much everyone wears tracksuits.

Our tuxedo bottoms are pretty much all we look for in tracksuit bottoms. A cuffed hem, a slimmer, but not tight fit, elasticated waist, drawcord and a back pocket. See this is all great, but the absolute best thing about these is that they are entirely made in Napoli. The label in them even says Fatt a Napule which is Neapolitan for made in Napoli.

The trousers are made by a factory on the outskirts of the city where some of the city’s best shops and designers have their clothing made. When the top and bottoms are worn together it seems to remind us of all our favourite crime dramas or you just look really cool. For all those non branded types this is one of the first items that we have made with absolutely no external branding and the fabric colour is black, which is even rarer for us. So this is a real collector’s item. The fabric is a nice midweight that can be worn at all times of the year and washes really well!

So go on, get involved and maybe hover in the background of Neapolitan TV dramas or when looking at the bargains in the chilled aisle in ASDA.

If you would like the full tracksuit, the top and bottoms can be bought together for just £80. Just add both to your cart and let the website do the rest. Due to my inability to speak Neapolitan some of the bottoms have the TRiCKETT label and some don’t. All do have the Fatt a Napule labels.

Fatt’ a Napule (Made in Napoli).

Size Guide

To Fit Waist30-32'32-34"34-36"36-38"38-40"
Inside Leg28.5"29"30"30"30.5"
Across Thigh9.5"10"10.5"10.5"11"

As you can see, the inside legs are a little shorter than our usual track pants this is so you can flash a bit of ankle and show off your trainers (very Neapolitan).