Neapolitan Tombola


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Neapolitan Tombola is taken very seriously in Napoli. It is exactly the same as our Bingo, but each number has a special meaning and I have genuinely heard about families injuring each other over 60 cents as that is just how seriously this game is taken.

Our set is made in the traditional way using the basket woven shaker and numbers made from wood. There are several cards with different numbers on so that you can change the card each game and there are enough for people in your house, via zoom or on the phone… again I have seen this in real life. Our mate Joe says that the hardcore players make up stories as the different numbers are drawn. My favourites are number 7 and number 67, but you can have a look at all the number meanings here. Just make sure no-one ever calls you number 71!

Anyways, this game is played all year round, but it is particularly popular from Christmas Eve until Epiphany. So with many of us spending more time indoors, make sure to get one and start a few family arguments.