Morant Shoes – Blackpool Sea



Our Morant shoes are designed for those moments in life when you don’t quite know whether to go smart or risk going casual. These make sure that you aren’t caught out either way. Made from a super soft, supple and luxurious navy blue suede, these are suitable for most occasions, apart from a massive downpour, but even then, just get some Crep Protect and you’ll be fine.

They feature a Vibram Morflex sole for added comfort, semi leather lining so you can wear them without socks (If you really want to), metal eyelets and they are constructed using a Goodyear welt meaning that they can be easily resoled. The shoes themselves are bench-made right in the heart of British shoemaking, Northampton. They are manufactured to an extremely high standard and combine what is good about more formal shoes with the comfort of trainers.

Each pair has the famous words from my Grandma “I bet you didn’t get those at Tommy Balls.” Whenever I’d turn up to her house in a new pair of trainers or shoes my Granny would take a quick look at them and say the above. Tommy Ball’s was a famous discount shoe retailer in Blackburn that drilled holes in the backs of the shoes and strung them together using a bit of white string. This tie couldn’t be broken until you’d bought the shoes so trying them on forced you walk around looking like a duck whilst your parents assessed whether they’d be good for school.

Each pair is made to order and although we do have stock of certain sizes, this isn’t guaranteed. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.