Marvin Hat Collection



Marvin Gaye is a huge influence on the way that I view the world and the way that I listen to music, he is by far my favourite soul singer (closely followed by Levi Stubbs and Teddy Pendergrass) and has made some of my favourite albums of all time. However, like most things, the way he dressed is the thing that I loved almost as much as his voice.

The iconic red hat from his ‘Let’s get it on’ album has been made a few times by ourselves and due to the popularity, we have decided to expand the range to include some other of his more iconic pieces of headwear. All are made in the UK for us by Stuart and his team and are as close to the originals as we could get without using a time machine. They are available in:

Come Get to This – This is the green hat as worn on his ‘Soul Train’ performance as seen in the video below.

Inner City Reds – There is a wonderful photo of Marvin looking after his dog stood outside of his house wearing this fantastic hat so we re-made it.

What’s Going On? – This hat is from one of my favourite images of Marvin wearing a fairisle jumper and laughing at the top of a hill, this is probably my favourite hat of the bunch.

And just to make you feel good as well as look good, we will donate money from the sale of each hat to the Dorothy House Hospice and the Teenage Cancer Trust. This is in memory of our mate Nick who spent time here with his family during his illness and to also donate to his favourite charity, the Teenage Cancer trust. So go on, put some Marvin on, grab your hat and feel good.