Marsun Hats


Our Marvin hats were super popular this winter, I mean like mega popular. One thing that sort of took us by surprise was the fact that people wanted to wear lighter / more breathable ones in the summer, so being the obliging types that we are, we decided to make some for you.

The hats are made from 100% cotton, which is new for us, but super exciting nonetheless. They come with the TRiCKETT to keep the hat nice and close to your head and come with extra length so that the hat can be double rolled for a nice thick cuff around your head. We have come up with three very summery colours and all have great names:

Inner City Blues (Blue), Let’s get it on (Red) and Mercy, Mercy Me (Yellow). Now it may seem weird wearing a hat like this in the warmer months, but cotton is both breathable, shapes to your head, protects you from nasty sunlight on the top of your head and MARVIN GAYE WORE HATS LIKE THIS AND HE WAS SUPER COOL!

When the hat starts going a bit loose, just whack it in the dryer and it will go back to it’s normal size.


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