Lucky Neapolitan Socks



Neapolitans for the most part are pretty superstitious and as a result do lots of things to keep the evil spirits and whatever else may upset them away. As many TRiCKETT fans will know we have stocked Cornicelli for a few years now and these are ancient charms that bring good luck and fertility. So we decided to combine our love of socks, Napoli and cornicelli into one lovely item.

The socks come in a lovely blue with red cornicelli all across them. The socks are then finished with Forza Napoli Sempre at the toe. These are made just for us in Brescia by Marina and her family and if you ask me look pretty swish. The socks are available in two sizes so look can be brought to people of all foot sizes. So go on, get you new lucky socks and keep those evil spirits at bay! Fancy stocking up on Marina’s lovely socks? Buy any two pairs for just £17, no codes, just let the website do it’s thing.

Made in Italy. Cotton.