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Our Gym socks are made in Italy by Marina, who is one of the finest sock makers in the world. I won’t lie to you when we first made these socks, they sold pretty badly, then just as things were at their gloomiest they started leaping off the shelves and went all over the world. Now we get about 3 emails a week asking when we are restocking our gym / cycling socks.

Well ask no more as they are back in stock. These socks come with a coolmax foot, which as you can probably guess means that it is a lightweight yarn that keeps your feet SUPER cool whilst you are training, cycling or whatever other vigorous movement you wish to do in these socks.

The socks also have a tight leg so that they won’t roll down during your session and make you look like a ’50s school boy. The socks themseleves have a navy, white and grey stripe at the top with TRiCKETT ACCRINGTON ENGLAND written on them. It is on both socks at the front, don’t let the photos foot you! Each pair is inspected by Marina’s mum and then has the toe sewn in pink. So only the best socks make their way onto your feet.


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