Guglielmi Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Seeing as we stock the best olive oil dispensers / cruets / olieras that we could find (if your’e interested you can get one here), it only makes sense to fill them with the best olive oil that we could find. Guglielmi have been making their multi-award winning olive oil in Puglia for ages and the monocultivar line is pretty much the pinnacle of their production with only 6000 500ml bottles being made every year. Here is a bit of blurb from them…

This oil is made from 100% Peranzana olives harvested in early October and crushed within 2 hours. A light fruity oil very much representative of its native land of Puglia, the Peranzana offers great versatility in the kitchen. You’ll find aromas of olive, sensations of grass and artichoke with slight hints of tomato and fresh almond, and a finish that balances the spicy and bitter.

We like it because both the 100 and 500ml sizes come in a glass bottle that is reassuringly sturdy and there is an ace illustration on it too. I know it seems expensive, but like Passalacqua coffee, once you dig in you’ll wonder how you survived without it!

Choose between 100ml and 500ml.


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