Seeing as our last version of these sold so well, we decided that we needed to release a super summery / contemporary version. Seems that everywhere I go at the minute I see cool people wearing white socks, so we thought we should make those white socks, super Gritty TRiCKETT.

These socks are made in Italy by our sock wizard Marina using the latest technology and attention to detail that only generations of sock making can bring to the table… I mean, just look at that tiger head. The socks themselves are made from cotton and have a super plush, cushioned foot for all day walking whether in your shoes or slides. The leg is nice and tight so your socks won’t fall down when wearing and come in a white sock with baby blue and pink stripes. Each pair is inspected by Marina’s mum and then sealed with a metal clip at the toe.

The socks themselves come wrapped in letter pressed packaging that is made just for us in East Lancashire. Available in small (UK 3-7) and large (UK 8-12) paw sizes. So get your best tiger feet on.


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