Footballing Saints Candles


Last year we released our Santo Diego candles and we must’ve had one or two emails every week with people asking us to get them back in stock. So because we are lovely, we decided that we would restock them AND add a world class striker to the fray in the shape of Saint Gabriel.

Both of these candles are 10 day burners and inspired by those amazing prayer candles that you see dotted across the world. We thought we should pay homage to our favourite Argentinian strikers by turning them into the saints of football. Both are drawn by our pal Peter O’Toole who has really gone to town on the detail, I mean Saint Gabriel even has the Roma wolf head in the stained glass above him.

The candles are made from entirely recycled materials and the wax is made from vegetables, which mean that you won’t stink our your room with paraffin or the such. The candle is unscented as I am not a massive fan of scented candles and each comes with a handy top for extinguishing the flame.

Praise be.


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