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Favourite Places T-Shirt


These t-shirts hark back to a golden age of tri-blend t-shirts. What that means is that they are super soft, super light and age perfectly. Think of the tops that all those ’80s American sports legend used to wear back in the day, they are super ace. Made from a mix of cotton, polyester and viscose.

We challenged our mate Peter O’Toole to draw us a place which mixed all of my favourite places into one hilly region and we think he did it. Los Angeles, Accrington and Napoli. We wanted the logo to look a bit like a doodle that all the cool kids used to do on their school bags in biro, that is why the logo is in blue and has a real texture to it, when you see it, you’ll get it. Printed by our mate Jim in Huddersfield by hand, with each size having a different inspirational quote… all in t’details.

We have worked really hard to reduce the costs of our basic hoodies and t-shirts, as a result this year all sweatshirts are drastically cheaper, for you lot, not so that I can buy more Stars Wars figures and charge you lot the same as before. That just isn’t right is it? LA to the left, Napoli to the right and the BB5 with the sun above it, what more could you need?



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