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Favourite Places Socks


Our favourite places socks are proper good, at the moment, these are my go-to socks, not because I long to wander the narrow streets of Los Angeles, eat burritos and complain about the Clippers in LA or go to the Church Street Chippy in Accy… oh no… it is because these socks are super comfortable.

The leg of the sock come in a nice, tight rib that makes sure it stays up all day long without cutting the circulation off to your legs. The foot of the sock is cushioned, so that even the most rigorous of foot usage will barely go noticed and finally the socks themselves are made from a cotton and nylon mix, meaning your feet won’t smell when you come to take them off at the end of the day. Each pair is inspired by one of my favourite places.

Napoli – The blue  of the Mediterrean and football club, the green of surrounding areas of Campania and the red of the molten lava of Vesuvio / the tomoato sauce on pizzas.

Accy – The greys and navys of the skies that we see most days and the greens of the glorious countryside.

Los Angeles – The colours of the only basketball team people care about in the region and the black, blue and red of it’s most notorious gang members.

Avavilable as a three pack or individually. I would buy all three, but I guess I am slightly biased. Made in Italy by Marina and her family, with each pair tied at the toe by Marina’s mum after inspection.

3 Pack or Individual

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