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Favourite Places Camping Mug


Accrington is great, it is where we are from and it is probably always where we will be. But sometimes when you travel you feel like it is a home from home and that is what LA and Napoli are to us.

LA, with it’s sunshine, beaches, gangs and hip-hop. Napoli with it’s football, coffee, suits and TV series. It’s always good to know that you can hang your hat somewhere and feel welcome. With this in mind, we asked our pal Peter O’Toole to put our three favourite places together in one illustration. The Hollywood hills, the Coppice and the mighty Vesuvius altogether in one place.

I always liked those t-shirts that had restaurant locations on them, so this is just our homage to those. Made in the UK from super tough plastic, ideal for treks, putting your pen inside or just generally having.

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