Diego Facemask


We released our Diego masks a few months ago and they absolutely flew out of the shops and that was well before they become a compulsory part of our life. So we decided to get a few more in stock so that you can look lovely when out shopping and leave no-one in doubt as to who your favourite player is.

Our masks are made for us in Portugal by Miguel and the team. These lovely things are made from recycled plastic bottles and digitally printed with Diego skinning various defenders and then slotting past the goalkeeper. The inside layer against your face is an anti bacterial cotton that can be washed and reused up to 24 times, because single use is no use like.

The mask comes with elasticated loops to fit over any size of ear and a metal nose bridge that can adapt for a snug and secure fit. So there you have it, the mask of your dreams and if that wasn’t enough half of the stock will be going to NHS trusts and charities close to our hearts, so an even better reason to get your mitts on them.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: By purchasing a mask you understand that the masks are a protective measure and are no replacement for following the hygiene and social distancing rules set out by the government local to you. They are to be used as a face-covering, are not fit for any medical or professional PPE use and can’t be used as a guarantee against any disease. I know it all seems a bit serious, but we have to say it.

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