CRiCKETT Cap – Green


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If I told you that I ordered these caps in February and they didn’t arrive until about a week ago, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Or more important than that you probably wouldn’t care. But that is what has happened and although they have taken so long, we have got something really special.

Our caps are made for us by the last cricket hat manufacturer in the country, they make for the likes of the England Cricket team and pretty much every county club in the country. They even make the honours caps for the England football team, swish eh? Anyways, our caps are made in the traditional way using melton wool, the cap shape and design hasn’t changed for over 200 years and they look just as good now as they did then.

The CRiCKETT cap comes lined in satin, has and elasticised back which is big enough for most head sizes (unless, like me, you have a big melon) and our Baseball logo to the front. You know us, always mixing and matching things up. There is a button to the top and this one comes in a deep, rich bottle green.

So now is the time to get your ideal hat, because let me tell you, we won’t be making more!!!

Made in the UK.