Chef’s Cloth


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I know what you are thinking. What is this? Well if you ask anyone who has one they will say that it is one of their most used thing in their kitchen, but seeing as you probably don’t know anyone that has one, let’s dig into it.

Our chef’s cloth combine the insulation and protection of an oven glove with the freedom of movement of a tea towel. The ideal thing for taking pans and other things out of the oven when you need a bit more ‘feel.’ They are made from a herringbone cotton that is woven in Lancashire and are bound in a navy blue edging. They are then finished with a TRiCKETT label and a hanging loop. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, these beauties are made just for us in Accrington… I know… perfect eh?

If you are in need of a kitchen textile revamp, nab one of these and an apron for £21. No codes, let the website do the work for you.