Campos Socks


Campos is by far one of the most colourful characters in the history of football. He colourful, oversized jerseys, the fact he wore number 9 and also that he was incredibly good with his feet. The summer of ’94 is when most of us were introduced to our favourite goalkeeper and his legend still lives on to this day. Our Campos socks are inspired by one of his iconic and colourful kits that he wore in 1994. The socks even feature his name, like the jerseys did and they come in our Barrie fit. The fit was conceived my my dad who wanted a lighter weight sock that formed to your foot, so to stop him from complaining, we did it.

The socks themselves are made from mid-weight cotton in Italy. The factory we use in Italy is ran by Marina and her family, each pair of socks is made and then checked by Marina’s mum. After they pass her rigorous inspected they are tied at the toe in pink thread. That way you know, you’re getting the perfect pair.

UK Size 7-13.

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