Calcio del Italia Tea Towel


I mean, you have had a look at the image right and you know that this looks ace. The story goes that my mate Luca, his dad was in Como and sees this tea towel hanging up in a gift shop and knew that I would like one. So then I spoke to our mate Claudio who manufactures them, about getting them into the shop. Ever since then these come into the shop and then they sell out.

They shift for a good reason, the illustration is from about 1985 and features all of the major teams of that time (so yes Benevento, Sassuolo and others are missing), but more than that it has the statue of David doing keepie-uppies, a border of footballs and a detailed map of a football stadium. Throw in some extra illustrations and you have one of the best thing that I have ever seen.

We are the exclusive retailer of these outside of Italy, which is nice to know and they come in a really useful huge size, that is if you ever use them to dry pots with you animal.

Made in Italy. 19″ x 34″

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