Builders Brick Brew Tea


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A good, strong brew is pretty much the life blood of TRiCKETT. However, as with all things we weren’t truly happy until we got to make our very own. So we went and spoke to our friend Chris and blended our own lovely tea. First things first, this is a loose leaf tea, none of those weird bag things clogging the place up and the bets thing is once you’ve finished with your leaves, whack them on your garden / house plants and they will aid their growth… Iain Trickmarsh they call me.

Anyways back to tea, this blend is a strong, hefty blend that leaves a good taste and is equally good with or without milk. We recommend using a great tea pot, two of our faves are the Brown Betty Tea Pot by Cauldon Ceramics or IKEA’s Riklig pot but you can use whichever you want.

The tea comes in a recyclable / reusable caddy so it looks even posher than it is. Go on get a proper brew now.

200g loose leaf tea.