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‘Bama Camo TRuCKETT Cap

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This cap really has taken us far too long to make. We have been asked for trucker caps pretty much since we started, but being a pretty particular bunch, we wanted to make something that we a little more exciting than the hat you had during your Von Dutch phase.

We have some pals in the USA who make pretty splendid trucker caps, but we anted to mix the classic trucker with something that you can only really get from us. This season our neon orange and camo colourways have seemed to be really popular, so we thought we should go all out and unleash this.

Made from a super rugged, Real Tree Extra camouflage (that is like ultra hunting grade camo, we don’t mess about us like) canvas at the front and hard-wearing mesh at the back, this cap will be a long serving friend. There is a recycled plastic adjuster at the back and 3D embroidered TRiCKETT logo on the front. I like 3D embroidery, it’s right nice to touch!

What more could you possibly ask for eh?

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