Bag of TRiCKs


The bag of TRiCKs is one of those things that you buy, use every day and then wonder how on earth you lived without it. Each is made from a Burnley-woven cotton that is both rugged and soft meaning that it can take even the biggest overloading of chocolate hauls. The straps are made from a herringbone twill in off-white that looks good and performs like a treat.

The bag itself has an inside pocket for storing a mobile phone, wallet/purse, football stickers and maybe a penguin (the bisuit, not the animal) meaning that you don’t have to go rummaging through the entire bag to get to the important bits. The bags themselves are printed by hand by our mate Jim, in a matching off-white. You know us, all about the details like.

The most important part of the bad is that it is made right here, in Accrington. John and the gang make them to the highest standards, with an added bit of Accy swagger. A beautiful bag, made entirely in the UK for £15, what more could you need?

50cm x 54xm.


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