Bag of TRiCKS


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The TRiCKETT tote or Bag of TRiCKs is one of my favourite things that we stock and before we start, it is made in Accrington, therefore it is the best thing that has ever been made. It is manufactured from a super tough, but soft canvas that can take even the most exciting of shopping trips / picnics. The straps are made from a herringbone and the TRiCKETT logo is printed on both sides of the bag by our mate Jim.

The best thing about our tote is that it has hefty pocket inside for your mobile phone, sweets, wallet, purse, sticker swaps… you get the idea. It is even secured with a nice brass pin so that stuff isn’t floating around altogether. This thing is a bit like a tardis and stores even more that you could think. So go on, jump in and get involved.

Made in Accrington, 100% Cotton.