Bag of TRiCKs


Our bag of TRiCKs are a right family affair- made in Accrington, printed in Huddersfield and made from cloth manufactured in Burnley. These always sell super quick because they are that perfect mix of incredibly useful and looking ace.

We have been using these for our trips to supermarkets, shops, the gym, picnics and I have even seen someone cycling with one on their shoulder like. The bag itself is made from a super rugged cotton drill with herringbone twill handles. This is like one of the bags you see all the cool people wearing, but beefed up for the discerning TRiCKETT customer. Now if that wasn’t enough we have even put a pouch inside the bag for all your valuable like stickers, a wallet, trading cards and more.

The bag even has a gusset for you to get EVEN more stuff in it and it hangs a little bit nicer at the side of you. So whether this stays in the boot of the car, is pride of place on our bike or you want to show off that you have the greatest tote bag ever made at the supermarket, we have you covered.

19″ x 14.5″

In stock

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