Alpaca Bobble Hat



Time for some super soft alpaca. This particular yarn is amazing as it is soft, super warm and is odour resistant. I mean I could prattle on about the virtues of alpaca forever, but I won’t all I say is that your head will thank you wholeheartedly. Our bobble hats come with the TRiCKETT top which is the layer at the top of the hat that is knitted at a bit of a finer gauge. This means that the hat won’t bulge in weird places and it sits a little snugger to you cranium.

This hat is available in Accy Sky. The colour I see pretty much every day in East Lancashire.

Also, after we did our survey, we discovered that some people want a bobble-less hat, so we got Mabel to get out her scissors and offer or de-bobbling service. Just click here and add it to your basket, then we will do the rest!

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way and I think that these hats are a perfect example of that. So with the big day just around the corner and the temperatures starting to dip maybe is the time to invest in one of these for yourself.