Accy Souvenir T-Shirt – Night Time



When you visit Accy, all you ever want to do is stay… er hum… but when the time comes that you need to leave East Lancashire and go home, what do you take with you? A football shirt is far too crass and after that… there isn’t much else, so that is why I came up with the Accy Souvenir t-shirts.

Inspired by the great tourist t-shirt from tropical resorts found in gift shops in the ’70s and ’80s we fancied giving Accrington a bit of a Miami Vice face lift and to create a t-shirt that made people double take! To keep it feeling even more retro we have used a transfer printing method which is exactly as what you would’ve found back in the day.

This particular t-shirt comes in night time and this is when Accy is probably at it’s best. If you go up high enough on a clear night, in one direction is Blackpool and the coast, the other is the Ribble Valley and if you look carefully you can even see the big TESCO. So a tropical t-shirt, Accrington and ‘Nowt Like It underneath, what more could you ask for?