Athletic Basics from the UK, USA & Canada

Plastic Free


Little by little things are changing. Politically, socially and even on the football pitch, it can be enough for your head to spin at times. However, one change that I […]

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FINAL POSTING DATES – Christmas 2017


It is that time of year again where we all put our thinking caps on and think what we would like to buy for people and pray that our friends […]

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The Week of Wool


No doubt people who read this blog know that we flipping love sheep and their woolly little backs. Wool is natural, recyclable, biodegradable, naturally odour-resistant and its a bit fore […]

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Pop Up Shop – Hebden Bridge


As the cloudy days of summer change for the rainy days of autumn, there is one thing to be excited about… Warmer clothes! So with that we decided that it […]

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British Made


Here at TRiCKETT we are very proud that we manufacture in this country and in particular that we manufacture in Lancashire. We had a discussion with one of our suppliers […]

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Newcastle Sock Winners Hosiery


Congratulations to Newcastle on their winning of the sock league table. It was a long and hard fought (with socks) season, but the giants from the North-East finished on top […]

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That Time of Year…


It is that time of year again where we all put our thinking caps on and think what we would like to buy for people and pray that our friends […]

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I’ve Got a Golden TRiCKETT


I flipping love competitions, especially ones where I don’t have to try too hard. So what I did was mix a favourite book of mine with my favourite clothing brand. […]

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Connoisseur x TRiCKETT Tweir


Is it that time of year again? Crikey. Well, let’s not mess about, we all know why you are here, let’s get into the details. The Tweir 2016 will be […]

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TRiCKER Album 2016


I love collecting stuff. Be it football shirts, big headed Corinthian players, Action men, trainers, I love it all. Maybe that is a bloke thing, I don’t know. Anyways this […]

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Zoff Jumper


Sometimes we have right good ideas. Sometimes were have some pretty awful ones and then everyone so often we have inspired ideas and I think that this is one of […]

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Things we liked in 2015


2015, what a year it was. We saw lots of nice things, met lots of nice people and produced some lovely product. I would end it there but I am […]

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Season’s Greetings


Well here we are. It’s almost Christmas and what a year it has been. We just want to thank you all for your unbelievable support this year and here is […]

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The TRiCKETT Raffle


Every year we have a raffle and try and raise money for a great cause and get you kitted out in nice things in the process too. As you know […]

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Merry Sockmas


This Wednesday we release our Tweed selection of socks. Every year these prove very popular and we don’t want people to miss out on them. So this year we are […]

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Posting Time


It is that time of year again where we all put our thinking caps on and think what we would like to buy for people and pray that our friends […]

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Shop Time


It’s just under 2 days until we open our pop up shop for the first time. To say that we are nervous would be the understatement of the year. We […]

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Time for a New Home


For modern, smaller brands like ours, owning a shop in the UK, on the high street is a pretty huge dream. People of my generation don’t really view going shopping […]

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Tweir Release Information


That’s right! It is finally here, the hat that people have been waiting for, for months. The Tweir. This hat is based on the iconic bobble by the lads at […]

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Nice Socks


We make right nice socks. So much so people actually collect them and leave them in their wrappers, never to be worn, but occasionally looked at and fondled. Like those […]

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Sox, Socks and more Socks


I really like socks. I have a lot to be thankful to them for. They have helped me realise just how many other people there are on the planet that […]

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Winter’s Coming


Winter is all well and good. It’s nice to get your legs out and go for nice evening strolls, but we all know we prefer putting on a nice warm […]

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Always sweat the small stuff


Athletic apparel is what we do. Yeah, you probably don’t want to go jogging in your new Montana sweatshirt just yet. But you could do. All we want to do […]

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Blackpool Ice Cream


Blackpool + Ice Cream = Summer. If you are from anywhere in Lancashire, no Summer is complete without a trip to the Fylde coast to get yourself an ice-cream and […]

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Summer Holiday


The Summer holidays are finally here for team TRiCKETT. We would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help and support so far. We won’t be […]

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A sale that isn’t a sale, but it is


Here at TRiCKETT HQ we very rarely do a sale, usually it’s knocking a little bit off here or there or whatever, but we thought we should do one just to […]

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The Future of Socks


We have done a fair few socks in our time here at TRiCKETT HQ. However, seeing as we come from a performance background it is always good to get our […]

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McGrath Brogues


Released Friday at 7PM.

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Berardi Loafers


Released Friday at 7PM.

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Schweinsteiger Socks


These little beauties are out tonight at 7PM. I know we don’t update the blog as much as we should, but at least you have got a bit of warning […]

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Pirlo Appreciation & Social Society (PASS)


This is… Well… Erm… It’s pretty difficult to try and explain this. The Pirlo appreciation, from us at least, started a good few years ago, before the beard. A man […]

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What is in a number eh? We all have randomly lucky numbers we look out for. Our favourite player, our birthday, the date when you broke your leg doing an […]

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Best in Canada


I imagine that most of you think that here at TRiCKETT HQ all we do is drink tea, talk about American sport and eat biscuits. For the most part you […]

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Free Socks


As some of you may or may not know, we really like Florida State University when it comes to College American football and over the last two seasons we have […]

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Getting Hung Up


Sometimes patience can be a really difficult thing to have. Combine this with how much like perfectionists we are and unfortunately things can take ages. That comes with making things […]

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Welcome to our new website, it’s a bit flash isn’t it? It’s like getting a new car, it smells all new, it’s exciting to get in and all you want […]

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Bags  are difficult things to get right. Especially when you have an internet based shop and you can’t lie to the bloke about how much your ramble at weekends and […]

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Coach Jacket II (The Hitzfeld)


I’m excited.

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The Mascot


When we were thinking of our team mascot, we didn’t really have much of an idea that we wanted. We knew that we didn’t want to be a bearcat or […]

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The maybes, the could’ve beens, the shouldas, that is what makes sport most exciting and that is why we dedicated a brand to it. It was a frustrating end to […]

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The big game (Super Bowl) is the peak of American sporting broadcasting and this year we are a bit more excited than usual as our Seattle Seahawks are defending their […]

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Clint Trickett 2


Tonight at 7PM, we release our second pair of socks with our mate Clint Trickett, as the former starting quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers, we decided that we should […]

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New Year, New Clothes


So Christmas is over and no doubt you have been hitting the sales and thinking “I don’t like any of this…” So why not have a look at our sample […]

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10 Things we Liked in 2014


Instagram – We are relative newcomers to the world of taking square photographs, but this weird app really has made us smile. SEH Kelly – This year our favourite brand […]

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Christmas, New Year and Thanks


Well that is 2014 almost in the books and what a year it has been for us. Lots of new things and most important of all making new friends and […]

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Birthday Selection


In just under 10 minutes we launch our birthday products. The hat to the left is our Peacock hat and pays homage to a certain rugby team. Why we are […]

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Happy Birthday Us


Well what a year it has been. Socks, jackets, boots, badges. More important than all of that is the new friends that we have made and the ideas we have […]

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Link to Weir Hat

15.12.14 Good Luck!

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Weirly Lovely Christmas


This is probably the worst kept secret in the history of the Weir hat, but I thought we should probably make it all official and that. On Monday 15th December […]

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Christmas Release Info & Final Posting Dates


It is the time of year that we love the most, mainly because of the mince pies and drunken office party of just the two of us. However, another reason […]

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Winter Releases


This Friday we release our first ever full collection. It will consist of sweets, a jacket, socks, boots, slippers, pyjamas and more. This is probably the closest to what we […]

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Manchester Sock League Champion Socks


Here are the winning socks of the current sock league champions, Manchester. These socks will go on sale in a very small number at the Rosso Bianco Nero event on […]

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Shoes, Socks, Bags and Badges


On Saturday 25th October at 9AM we will be releasing our 3rd shoe with Walsh footwear. It has been a pretty great watching all the comments coming in and the […]

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Bag it Up


Our new holdalls are on the way soon. No more plastic carrier bags for you.

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Bruce Gorrie Pin Badges


You may have seen images of these floating around on our Twitter page and before we start, yes it is weird, no he isn’t famous and yes you can buy […]

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McDougal & Sock League Table


This is it, the final pair of socks of the Sock League Table. If you don’t know what the SLT is, this is our way of determining at the end […]

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Pirlo and Bryant


It has been a while since we released a sock, so we decided to unleash two pairs dedicated to two sportsmen who, despite being in the winter of their careers, […]

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Missed It


We missed blogging in August, be that a series of holidays or visiting people to talk about new things that we have in development. So just for now, sit tight […]

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Red Rose Rocket


We release our first ever baseball on Friday, and just so you don’t think we are losing our marbles, here is why. I did hear this off a bloke in […]

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Fourth and Foremost


It is sort of weird to think that this is our fourth release with the BSFC. Only seems like yesterday we dropped the chairpeople of the council an email to […]

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