Plastic Free


Little by little things are changing. Politically, socially and even on the football pitch, it can be enough for your head to spin at times. However, one change that I think we can all agree on is that it is now time for us all to start using less plastic. It seems like a huge ask and when you see the statistics about how much we need to change our habits to make even the smallest difference, but I think we all need to. I must say that the lovely people at Haeckels have really opened our eyes as to how things can change and the cool ways to do it.

I have been to a few British seaside resorts recently and the plastics polluting of seas in both a national and international disgrace. The damage it does to the sea and sea life is almost immeasurable and we really do need to change this. I am far from an eco warrior, but the idea that our seas are becoming poisoned and may not be safe for our children and children’s, children to play in really is something we need to sort.

Since starting TRiCKETT, we made the conscious decision to use as much recyclable packaging as we could do, with our brown paper packages achieving a weird, cult status, which is ace. However, now we are making the bigger effort to try and eradicate plastic from all our packaging and clothing by this time next year. That means no more polyester, no more plastic packaging around clothing and no more plastic based stickers. It is a huge ask for such a small business, but I genuinely believe it is possible.

Help where you can and if you don’t want your baseball cards or stickers we send out, get them in the recycling or use them in a collage, we all love a bit of home-made art. See you in 365 days, we will let you know how we get on.