The Week of Wool


No doubt people who read this blog know that we flipping love sheep and their woolly little backs. Wool is natural, recyclable, biodegradable, naturally odour-resistant and its a bit fore resistant too. If that wasn’t enough it is dead warm and feels lovely against your skin.

It seems like a little while since we released some decent hats and scarves, so the week of wool if just for you! Tonight we kick off with our Collina hat (it was featured on Soccer AM don’t you know?) and below is a schedule of all the other things that are available.

27th – Collina Hat – £35 – 7PM

28th – @casualco Tweir – £37 – 7PM

29th – Ullrich & Merckx Hat – £30 each – 7PM

30th – Vierchowod Hat – £30 – 7PM

1st December – Insigne & Barzagli Scarves – £45 – 7PM

So make sure to get all your favourite bits and pieces saved in your reminders. We will be launching a pre-order of the Collina hats if they sell crazily, so don’t fret if you miss out on one tonight.

If you do buy more than one thing from the week of wool and you want us to keep things back until you have bought everything you want, let us know and we can refund your postage!

UnBAAlievable stuff… Sorry.