Zoff Jumper


Sometimes we have right good ideas. Sometimes were have some pretty awful ones and then everyone so often we have inspired ideas and I think that this is one of those. The Zoff jumper is an exact replica of the jumper that the great man wore throughout his career with Italy, when we say exact, we mean exact. Many people have tried churning this iconic piece of sportswear out, but have never even got close to how detailed and beautiful it is, detailed below is why.

The jumper is made from Italian wool sourced from the great man’s hometown, the patch has been made by the same factory that used to make them for the azzurri in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s & ’80s in Italy. The gold thread on the patches is the same as used on the patches throughout this period also and is over 50 years old. The jumpers measurements have been used against one of the original tops that Zoff wore in the ’70s. They are a little over sized, with a drop shoulder and longer than a normal jumper, but this is how he wore his jersey. The collar is attached to the jumper separately as per the original and the colour of the wool is also the original as we have used the wool that the company supplied to, the now long gone, manufacturer in Turin.

Outside of that the jumper has slightly slimmer arms so they didn’t get baggy when the rain came and they are extremely warm. Now I am not saying that you have to wear the Italy patch, so we will supply it separately and if you so choose to you can sewn it on easily. Apparently Zoff used to do this himself and break in a jersey during training and then stitch the patch on the night before the game.

The jumper itself is made in the United Kingdom and is manufactured in very small numbers, so don’t dilly dally! Available tonight at 7PM.